Our work in the Northeast

What we have done

NECHPI has been a strong voice in ongoing regulatory proceedings and other initiatives across the region. We have filed comments and participated in working groups for New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding, including:

  • • Invited to sit on Market Design and Platform Technology Working Group;
  • • Extensively critiqued the Benefit-Cost model framework that will inform how CHP is valued in REV markets;
  • • Filed several rounds of comments critiquing how utilities will evolve into market-makers; and
  • • Arranged CHP stakeholder meetings to update the industry on REV’s treatment of CHP


We have also been active in New York’s proceedings on the Clean Energy Fund, Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, and Large-Scale Renewables. More recently, NECHPI has been actively and integrally involved in the Standby rate cases and the Value of DER Working Group discussions on the rate design and value stack. NECHPI is also a part of the Interconnection Policy Working Group in New York.

NECHPI has supported and participated in the creation of Massachusetts’s Distributed Generation Interconnection Working Group and filed technical comments supporting CHP’s role in Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy. NECHPI is also involved in discussions with Department of Energy & Environment Protection (deep) AND Connecticut Green Bank regarding upfront monetization of RECs as that would significantly help in the deployment of CHP in the State.

NECHPI has also testified in Maine and New Hampshire in support of net metering, and filed comments on Rhode Island’s Renewable Energy Standard, while also participating in their State’s Distributed Generation Stakeholders Working Group.