What we do

Northeast Clean Heat & power Initiative advocates for advocates for state policies in the Northeast that reduce market barriers for CHP. We work to expand markets for CHP by supporting progressive energy legislation and by highlighting the role that CHP can play in a more resilient, reliable and clean energy future.

Our core activities

Education and awareness creation

We create awareness by informing the general public about the benefits of CHP technologies and by highlighting the policy challenges facing the CHP industry with regulators, legislators and other stakeholders. We do this through conferences, workshops, webinars, training programs and other communication materials.

Promote best practices

We promote best practices with local authorities, energy and planning consultants, energy services, legal and financial services, CHP manufacturers and energy utilities to integrate the supply chain. We also work with public and private sectors to promote progressive adoption of best practice within the industry.

Policy advocacy

We advocate for policy changes by filing comments in the various regulatory proceedings in the Northeastern States. In addition, we also engage in 1-1 focused group discussions with the regulators at state level to advocate for policy changes.

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